Among the least sophisticated of the Locusts, are Boomers, they are gigantic, obese, tougher, and far less intelligent versions of the Locust Drones that can take a lot of damage. Like Wretches and unlike Drones, Boomers do not take cover and will rush straight into the most dangerous combat situations without a second thought. A Boomer's weapon of choice is the Boomshot, which they will fire while habitually shouting "Boom!", which acts as a warning for Gears to move out of the way. They are often seen partnered with other Boomers, but they do not use infantry tactics, instead they move forward slowly and fire their weapons. Any Gear who can use cover can defeat this type of Locust. Boomers are however incredibly tough, able to withstand 3 headshots from a Longshot on the Hardcore and Insane difficulties. It takes around 2 full magazines of Lancer to kill one, but it is far easier to just tag a grenade on one. They usually speak in one word sentences, and this also suggests that they have very low intelligence.



The Mauler is a Boomer variant that is equipped with a Boomshield and an explosive flail, that is essentially a grenade.


The Grinder is a Boomer variant that is equipped with a Mulcher.


The Butcher is a Boomer variant that is equipped with a large meat cleaver.

Flame GrenadierEdit

The Flame Boomer is a Boomer variant that is equipped with a Scorcher.

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